Content creation about technology, with a twist of simplicity and humour!

Ameen's very own media channels..

Ameen takes pride in educating the mass crowd on technical subjects that have notoriously been known to be technical subjects . Specifically experts should tackle. Technology subjects such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security. In addition, game development, hardware and electronics, all of those, made easy now, see for yourself.

Ameen’s presence spans YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, among other platforms where technology and education is welcome.

An educator that lives and enriches multiple mediums

From YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter all the way to digital lectures


A content creator on YouTube, putting years of experience in short nuggets. Easily digestible by the majority of the crowd. Discussing technological topics on a show that combines learning and a bit of comedy: say hi to #YouGuysGotIt (English for: “3rfto_Shloon”)


An thought leader in the professional space of LinkedIn, with ideas and updates that circle the minds and hearts of professionals.

Moreover, Ameen loves to spark new ideas and discuss what’s hot in the industry. Ranging from topics of artificial intelligence, blockchain, hacking and security all the way to payments and global economy.

Make sure you connect with Ameen to stay up to date with what really matters in the technology space. Altogether, discussed in the easiest way possible with biggest dosage for transparency.



Ameen’s work doesn’t only span the professional community on LinkedIn. He also loves to share his thoughts with the mass public on casual channels such as Instagram.

Ameen discusses the hot topics of cyber security, data privacy and other intriguing items. He also answers questions and dedicates live sessions to making sure people understand these topics. Especially in the best way possible without being bullied by the technical details.


Somebody with interesting thoughts and views on a variety of items in the technology space. Pretty blunt and to the point on the technology space and business is all about.


Ameen write a lot about the real state of multiple key technologies like artificial intelligence, security, business and other key items in technology space.

Ameen writes with full transparency to convey items and messages in their true form, again, without fluff and candy, no sugarcoating.


If there is one thing Ameen is known for, it’ll be his extreme capacity to deliver tough topics in an easy manner though lectures. Whether be it face to face or the recently-adopted online fashion.

Huge amount of content, workshops  and lectures have been delivered across many mediums, as you can just search online and see for yourself.


A pioneer podcaster that has been on so many local and global shows, with subjects and discussions spanning Ameen’s expertise: artificial intelligence,