Projects that Ameen has been involved in

Ameen is a passionate programmer who enjoys giving back to the community by developing free projects. He firmly believes that technology should be accessible to everyone, and his projects reflect that sentiment. Ameen’s dedication to creating innovative and helpful solutions has earned him a reputation as a helpful and talented developer.

Evolving the community with projects with true impact

From government initiatives to globally open-source ones

Bahrain Labour Law Chatbot

Ameen developed the all-free labour law chatbot as a free initiative to help Bahrainis in the private sector. Using his expertise in artificial intelligence, he programmed the chatbot to understand users’ questions and find relevant answers semantically. The chatbot provides easy access to important labor law information that can help employees and employers alike navigate their work-related concerns.

Ameen’s commitment to improving the lives of those around him is evident in this project, which has already proven to be a valuable resource for many Bahrainis. By making this chatbot available to all, Ameen has demonstrated his belief in the power of technology to make a positive impact on society.

Flow Launcher Dropbox Integration

Ameen’s Dropbox integration for Flow Launcher has revolutionized the way Windows users search for their data. With terabytes of information stored across multiple platforms, finding what you need can be a daunting task. However, Ameen’s integration has made this process much faster and more efficient.


By seamlessly integrating Dropbox into the open-source launcher, Ameen has given users the ability to quickly and easily search for files without ever leaving the launcher. This has saved users valuable time and increased their productivity. Ameen’s dedication to creating innovative and helpful solutions has once again proved invaluable to the community.

Rune Fencer Illyia

13 years ago, I embarked on a collaborative venture with my friend Alex from the US, crafting Deadgear, an indie game, I was in charge of programming.

Fast forward to the present, the Kickstarter campaign has concluded with a remarkable achievement of raising 150,000 USD. Excitingly, the game is also slated for release on PlayStation.

Although my focus shifted to other projects five years ago, witnessing this passion project come to fruition brings me immense joy. Get ready to witness the magnificence of Deadgear in 2024! Alex is a fantastic game developer, follow their progress.