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Ameen is a beast on stage esepcially when it comes to talks. It's no secret that he's a master when it comes to delivering really tough technical aspects. Explaining it in very simple ways that are easily understood by business executives and technical professionals with no hassle.

Trainings and Courses

Whether you are a top management executive or a technical professional, rest assured that Ameen has a variety of well-tailored courses & talks for your organization. Basically, you can easily understand these buzz words and modern technologies like the blockchain and machine learning.

Mentoring and Guidance

Let Ameen take you by the hand while you're building your project. His years of hands-on experience, talks and mentoring become easy to spot. Specifically the second you see Ameen navigate your project, ideas and business insights from real experiences. They are just beyond valuable for organizations. What is better than being led by example?


Panels and Participations

Hear Ameen's insight on matters that could put your organization on the forefront. Also, key observations, talks and thoughts on matters like artificial intelligence, blockchain and securit. They are just pure wisdom jewels as they are the result of years of Ameen's professional work.


Technical topics have always been a mystery to executives. Especially when I speak on stage I throw that stereotype out of the windows and I tame topics. Such as artificial intelligence, cyber security and blockchain for business people to comprehend easily and use with minimum hassle.

Ameen Altajer


An live course on Blockchain right on Tadarab.com

AS An example of How you can understand tough topics in no time

Get to know the topics that Ameen tames for you

From Artificial Intelligence, cyber security to blockchain, Ameen just cracks the mystery easily

Artificial Intelligence &

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Machine Learning in particular – has picked up really big in the last couple of years, thanks to the huge boom in data volumes, enter “Big Data”.

By understanding how data and smart learning algorithms make up the whole machine learning mix. You can look into the horizon and begin to see the huge landscape of “automation” opportunities.

Ameen’s main expertise is in artificial intelligence. Make the most of it. Allow Ameen to let you in on elements that will grant you the lead in the race of business.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is not a luxury anymore. Particularly, not for your personal matters and certainly not your business either.

Knowing how to strategically defend against cyber attacks is a must to survive the threats of the modern world. Learn how to enforce secure frameworks that span culture, software development, access rights. In addition, vulnerability management and penetration testing.

As an ex-hacker, Ameen will take you by the hand and guide you in knowing the aspects of establishing a vigilant environment. Specifically for your personnel, data and systems so your business can survive the digital cyclone.


Thanks to the inception of Bitcoin. Blockchain is now more evolved and popular in other sectors other than finance, decentralization and blockchain are things to watch certainly for.

To have a grasp over what blockchain is, what it does, how it’s special is beyond important if you plan to sit in the front seat of the business game, utilizing this brilliant technology will change the leaderboard of the business instantly.

Having worked in the banking industry for more than 7 years. Ameen knows the core problems of centralization and the modern financial system. Ameen has been fascinated by Bitcoin since the time it got out. He can’t wait to share the details of how the technology works inside out. ALSO, how you can tame it for your very own goals.

Game Development

Games are just fantastic in conveying ideas in an interactive fashion. As much as it has eye-candy you must appreciate the huge investment that makes this work possible. Creativity that spans programming, level design, story writing, game design, graphics design and sound composition.

Game development is no longer targeting youth and kids only. It’s also a sophisticated medium that is being used in education, simulation and training. Moreover, knowing to hone the medium allows you to have a better lead. Whether you’re aiming to educate your staff more efficiently or even simulate a training for your field engineers.

With really solid experience in game development and 3D simulation. Ameen surely can show you the full potential of this amazing interactive medium. Allowing you to understand the applications that fit your business and shed light on how to tackle your projects.

Internet of Things (IoT) &
Hardware Design

Due to the advancements of the Internet infrastructure and the abundance of computational power. The cloud was born, in turn giving giving birth to much more exciting applications like the Internet of Things (IoT). 

The Internet of Thing offers lots of opportunities to disciplines where real physical interaction is really needed. Furthermore, home automation and the fourth industrial revolution is just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing how to really put these sensors, physical hardware and data to use is really the whole substance of IoT. Creating value for you organization.

Ameen is a self-taught electronics engineer who served as automation manager for couple of government clients. Moreover, successfully building a solid infrastructure for Industry 4.0 and other IoT endeavors. He’d love to share his views and valuable tricks in this matter.

System Architecture & Reverse Engineering

Building a functional application is not the full story, building a solid, secure and scalable architecture is the holy grail. That’s what architecting systems is all about. Now tearing down applications to their raw components is what reverse engineering promises to achieve. 

If you build systems that require you to reiterate very often than you definitely understand how important it is to architect robust. Also ,secure and reusable systems in your business, otherwise the delivery of business services will become horribly slow.

Ameen has been reverse engineering software for many years. He can’t wait to show you the secrets of the craft. Wherein you’ll be able to tear applications down and understand how they work without getting a hold of their source code. Generally, this builds an incomparable experience in knowing the best way to architecting systems.

Courses that Ameen currently teaches

Catering to both the technical and business mindsets, Management executives and Professionals

Artificial Intelligence

Taming Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Executives

The whole goal of this course is to shed some light on the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) to executives who work in senior management. Specifically, whoever is in charge of making strategic decisions and long term moves will definitely benefit from this course.

Taming Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IT Professionals

The whole goal of this course is to dive into the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the space of Information Technology (IT). Moreover, This targets IT managers and professionals who are familiar with the concept of AI. However, if you want to have a deeper understanding of its potential in their space, this also benefits IT developers and hobbyists. Who specifically want to use AI to support the domain of their services and products.

Artificial Intelligence For Technical Minds

The material is only suitable for technical people. This goes over the math and programming that allows professionals to develop their own tools and use artificial intelligence. Particularly in its full capacity for various custom applications and goals.

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

Cyber Security Concepts

A complete walk-through on the current state of cyber security, threats and risks. Furthermore, this is helpful for executives who want to know how security is a serious investment.

Ethical Hacking and Cyber Offense

This is suited for people who want to know how to start in the ethical hacking space. Specifically technical and needs a solid computer literacy background.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) Concepts

This targets executives who want to know more about the whole Internet of things (IoT) trend. Also, how to maximize its value in their organization.

Internet of Things (IoT) for Technical People

This is more of a primer on the technical parts needed to establish a decent IoT platform to support business. This is particularly technical and goes through the technical details of setting up the electronics. In addition, infrastructure to achieve this.


Blockchain Principles

The material is targeted for people who want to know how blockchain works. It is a crash course to understanding the shortcomings of the modern financial system. Also, how blockchain fixes that. This allows you to understand what decentralization is all about. Moreover, how to use it for your advantage.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Core Skills

This course is the most technical by far. This takes people in the essential know-how to tear applications down for the purpose of understanding the intention of their developers. Generally, this is most likely done in malware analysis, security and pentesting.

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