A brilliant speaker with an impressive track record in artificial intelligence, automation, cyber security, and blockchain.

Ameen Altajer

Ameen is the CEO of INFINITEWARE, an artificial intelligence company that provides products and services to several clients worldwide. INFINITEWARE has been working with large clients such as Saudi Aramco, STC, Zain, and the government of Bahrain.

A Google Developer Expert (GDE) in machine learning and a recognized veteran speaker and technical authority. He spoke at significant tech businesses ranging from Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and huge conferences spanning Bahrain, Lebanon, Dubai, and the rest of the world.
Ameen has been in the software business for more than 15 years. Ameen also has experience working in R&D in Saudi Aramco and the US. His expertise spans multiple technical disciplines ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), security and penetration testing, 3D programming and simulation, and hardware design.

He’s also the founder of the game development scene in Bahrain, where he teaches the magic of game development and AI.

An author with courses on artificial intelligence and blockchain, he’s been training thousands of professionals in and off Bahrain.

An artificial intelligence expert with a solid track, see for yourself and make the judgement.

Founder of Bahrain's very first and only AI company

With solid roots in building AI for games, business and financial systems

INFINITEWARE is an artificial intelligence company that helps organizations tap into artificial intelligence’s power by making sense of their data and embracing automation. The inception of INFINITEWARE was around 2009, as it is the brainchild of Ameen Altajer.


The power of AI is most useful when combined with automation. We turn your organization’s raw data into valuable “knowledge” that can be harnessed autonomously. Particularly in your organization’s processes through active “automation”.


We’ve helped financial institutions, manufacturing houses, and consulting firms. Also, government entities make the most of their data by integrating artificial intelligence and automation into their business.

In conclusion, we know what we’re doing. You almost always recognize this from the first encounter, and we value this wholeheartedly.

Bahrain's elite and very best in training

Ameen trained thousands of business executives and tech professionals

Ameen is an official trainer at the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF). The most prominent and most established financial institute in Bahrain and the Middle East. Customers range from regional central banks to globally established banks off Bahrain.

Ameen provides professional training on the most cutting-edge topics, such as artificial intelligence, ethical hacking, and blockchain.



University of Strathclyde

Ameen lectures at the University of Strathclyde (Scotland), particularly on topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data.

This is rigorous training on handling, cleaning, visualizing, and making meaning out of data. Using various programming languages, but mainly through Python. All the way to deploying to production for real projects.

Ameen, recognized as an exclusive expert, leads in UAE’s premier training agency for government, GADHA. He specializes in teaching cutting-edge technologies. His expertise prominently includes artificial intelligence.


Ameen is a distinguished expert at Kuwait’s NEST Institute, a leading training center for government personnel. He imparts knowledge in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).


Google For Startups

Labeled by Google as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Machine Learning, one of only 150 in the world.

Nominated, interviewed, evaluated, and labeled by Google for this role, this is a highly technical Google invitation-only role.

A mentor in “Google for Startups” in MENA, leading entrepreneurs and engineers to take advantage of machine learning and software to realize their business vision and goals.


Ameen is regularly being consulted for his broad perspective and long term vision in technology. Specifically in aspects that include artificial intelligence, automation, security, and blockchain.



An author with credible and direct opinions

Ameen has a coloumn on Bahrain's local newspaper named "Albilad"
Ameen's column is named "Tech without Sugarcoating" which is a transparent take on tech

A contributor in global esteemed publications

Ameen publishes articles and research on the "Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington"
With bold articles that touch education, governance and technology in every aspect..

Ameen is a hands-on guy

Watch Ameen take concepts to practical usecases.
let Ameen lead you by example.

A multi-disciplined technical expert

An expert in the most crucial aspects of the modern technical world, with hands-on experience.

Artificial Intelligence & Automation

An expert in taming the most cutting-edge algorithms and technologies of artificial intelligence and automation. Moreover, allowing you to automate your business workflow seamlessly.

Cyber Security

An ethical hacker himself. Ameen parrticularly knows the ins and outs and the state of the art tools of cyber offense, penetration testing and security defense. Security is not a luxurious activity anymore. Evidently, it’s a must if you intend to survive.

Game Development

A veteran game programmer and game engine architect. He basically understands the most advanced tools and technologies. Specifically in 3D simulation, education, games and training.


Somebody who worked in the banking industry for more than ten years. Ameen is really qualified in explaining the pros and cons of the modern financial system. Furthermore, he will explain how blockchain can be applicable to many applications.

Internet of Things (IoT) &

A self-taught electronics engineer and a hardware designer with a vast experience especially in creating IoT tools. Also products and architectures that integrate well in your organization. Ameen has served as an automation manager in few national key Industry 4.0 projects.

System Architecture &
Reverse Engineering

A solution architect with a solid background in building robust and secure system architectures. It has always been very beneficial to master the skills and intuition of tearing down software. Generally, using reverse engineering tools and methods, watch the magic.

Ameen's core mission is to bring you value

Whether you seek a financial, economic or even social value, Ameen GUARANTEES this.